History, Food, Beverage and Theater Rentals


Our new vision for the Parkway Theater is to seek more creative use of the facility, to reach out to the communities of music, theater, catered event rentals, and the independent film maker and to develop wider audience appeal.  There would also be a a renewed commitment to community by hosting more family-centered events, class reunions, non-profit events, fundraisers, cultural and business functions and public forums around issues of interest. We believe this would make this magnificent early-twenthieth century treasure available to everyone.

For over 80 years the Parkway Theater has been an integral part of the Field-Regina-Northrop Neighborhood.  A gathering place where families could seek refuge from the daily grind of life by escaping into the magic and fantasy of film.  the 1950s brought us television which brought challenges to theaters but which remained a vital service to the community if to a lesser degree.

The importance of the single screen, family-owned theater was further threatened with the advent of the mega screen corporate cinemas which made it more difficult to compete; forcing the independents into the role of a sub-run theater, leaving the first-cut movies to the large corporate-owned cinema complexes.  Today, this problem continues and is compounded by changing technology and the conversion of film to high definition digital sound and video.

These issues have brought the independent theater owners to a crossroad.  Spend vast amounts of money to upgrade into the digital sound and projection.  Sell or abandon their venue with the possibility of its loss to the wrecking ball.

We have chosen a alternate route by diversifying venues and creating a more event-centered facility as stated above.  We invite the wider community to join with us in this new journey by making the Parkway Theater a greater asset for all to experience.


Pepitos Parkway theater is available for hourly rentals and ideal for Class Reunions, screenings, seminars, business meetings, private parties and banquets 7 days a week. We can accommodate parties of up to 250 guests with a full bar service and limited buffet or snack tables.
The space is not conducive to sit down dinner gatherings.
We can incorporate live music and video for your event. We can also provide Valet parking.
For prices and more information check out the brochure on the left. Click and drag it to your desktop then enlarge it for better viewing

If you are interested use this link, fill out the request for a quote and we will get right back to you.


Along with our regular concession fair of popcorn, soda and assorted candy, Pepitos Parkway Theater also offers the following food and alcoholic beverage selection.

Mexican Beer:
Negra Modelo
Mexican Tap Beer is available

Domestic Beer:
Miller Genuine
Miller Lite

Copperridge Chardonney
Copperridge White
Copperridge Merlot

Pepitos House Margaritas on the Rocks

Drinks may also be purchased at our main bar and brought into the theater as long as they are put in plastic cups.

Alcohol is served during all events rated R or higher posted as "21 or over" "

We currently do not have an expanded food selection at our concession stand but we do offer full service catering for private bookings. We do allow customers to order take out food from Pepitos and carry it into the theater.

Because of liability issues, food and beverages not purchased from Pepitos are not allowed on the premisis.