"We can finally see that our vision of bringing profound artistic events to our neighborhood is becoming a reality"

Pepitos Parkway, Artistic Director and owner,
- Joe Senkyr Minjares

New Music Live Series Concerts with World Music Begins September 26th, 2014

TWIN CITIES – September 26, 2014 – The Parkway Theater in south Minneapolis is returning to a live music format – and a new series -- after a long dry spell, complete with a new webcast. The events begin September X and run into October, featuring international artists and longtime Twin Cities’ favorites like Billy McLaughlin and friends. Organizers of the series, including McLaughlin, Parkway proprietor Joe Minjares and Loud Folk Records’ Ken Onstad, expect to stage a dozen or more shows a year at the destination south Minneapolis venue. To purchase advance tickets, "click here"

October 10, 2014  Hindustani vocalist and composer Poogi Goswami Pavan,
In a rare Twin Cities performance, Pooja  Goswami  Pavan will perform selections from her new album recorded in India on Loud Folk Records, In What Land Is My Beloved: Songs of The Sufis, with other musicians. Pooja is a Minneapolis, MN based performer, composer, teacher and scholar of Hindustani (North Indian classical) music. “She has a soaring voice that mingles our suffering with joy. Her phrasing is always exact as she rides the devotional river,” notes Minnesota Poet Laureate Robert Bly.

She was born in a musical family and received her early training in Hindustani vocal music from her father Sri. Surendra Goswami. She received a Ph.D. in Music from the University of Delhi in 2005 for her thesis on the life and music of Pandit Amarnath, who was one of the prime disciples of the iconic Ustad Amir Khan, recorded in India, with a cast of incredible musicians. Of her soaring vocal technique, Dwight Hobbes of Twin Cities Planet writes that she “fascinates [as] an engaging vocalist with gorgeous tonality. The exquisite phrasing lifts, dips, spirals, stretches out at times, lofty. Nothing whatsoever like Western singing, it gives the impression of being stream-of-consciousness.”Pooja has drawn together the wonder and beauty of Sufi poetry with extraordinary traditional and contemporary musical arrangements all with the help of Delhi based arranger, Ranjan Sharma,  together they have brought us a musical offering to be cherished. For more information, "click here"

October 10, 2014 International Folk Guitarist Greg Herriges
Greg  Herriges is another Minneapolis-based musician, packing an international repertoire  that is as deeply satisfying as it is breathtaking in its scope. "Herriges's fluency in the musical languages of more than a dozen countries and regions is worthy of a United Nations translator," notes his entry in The 50 Greatest Guitar Books, while Folkwords calls him  “...a gifted musician who is able to bring the best sounds from several cultures into one type of intriguing music.”

Guitarist, bouzoukist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer , Herriges creates an eclectic mix of original and traditional "whirled music," with a unique approach honed by his studies of Asian and other international styles. A virtuoso performer and award-winning composer, his music and writing have found international recognition.  He is: a recipient of composer/performing artist fellowships and grants from the Bush and McKnight Foundations and the Metro Regional Arts Council; a soundtrack artist and music director for film and theater; and author of seven (and counting) internationally published music books. Performing is his lifeblood; he gets equal fulfillment playing with cross-cultural ensembles or letting one guitar play him.

Also an author/arranger of music instructional books and multimedia, Greg's recent book/CDs, World Guitar and Guitar Explorer (published by Hal Leonard), explore the stringed traditions of the world with inventive approaches on the guitar. His authoring credits also include many books in the Guitar Songs for Dummies series and contributions to Guitar Edge magazine. He has had his fingers in countless other Hal Leonard books and DVDs as an editor and producer. His many other achievements include: 2010 Audience Favorite Performer of the Year, Sample Night Live; Archibald Bush Foundation Artists Fellowship for Music Composition, 2009–2010; Finalist, McKnight Foundation Fellowship for Performing Artists, 2007; Featured artist on “MNspin,”

A full range of Greg's atmospheric and action music can be heard at his gallery. For more information -- including photos – "click here"

September 26, 7:00 p.m. Billy McLaughlin & Friends
Emmy Award winning guitarist and composer Billy McLaughlin returns to the  neighborhood in which he grew up. Billy will be joined by members of his angelic Christmas ensemble,  SimpleGifts, and more than one locally famous mystery guest (including one named Jeff Arundel)!  Don't miss this special evening with Billy playing solo acoustic guitar and sharing the stage with some of his favorite musician friends.  A complimentary chocolate fountain will be provided for all concert guests in the lobby before the show and during intermission by Dippin Chocolate.

Read more about Billy’s life and music career, including his inspiring struggle to face and manage Focal Dystonia, a neuromuscular disorder that caused him to switch hands in order to play guitar and make the music that fans around the world have enjoyed for more than three decades! for more info "click here"

October 18, 7:00 p.m. – Jeromy Darling’s “The Salvage Project “ Benefit Concert
Self-professed Christian rocker, Jeromy Darling knows the effects of poverty firsthand. That’s just one reason he’s put together a benefit for “the Salvage Project” to repurpose forgotten people and broken lives through music and stories that transmit the saving power and grace of Christian faith. Jeremy has always been drawn to those who were at a tremendous disadvantage in life – either physically or emotionally – and he found, in turn, they were also drawn to him and his music.

The songs on Darling’s Year of Living album define him as much as they do the period and memories that they are based on: “These songs are old, even for me. All written somewhere between 2004 & 2005 as I tried to process what was happening to people I cared about. Drug abuse, betrayal & and shattered dreams were tearing apart some of my closest friends, further solidifying my own decision to embrace Jesus as the only sense in the madness that was another year of living. I recorded them back then but never really felt like they were finished. So this was my attempt to finally put them to rest.”
For more information about The Salvage Project, "click here"
For more information about Jeromy’s work, "click here"