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Dollhouse // Written & Directed by Nicole Brending


Saturday, July 20, 2019
6:30 pm Doors // 7:30 pm Movie
Followed by musical set
$9 Advance // $12 Door

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Featuring an appearance by the film’s director, and a post-movie musical set by the film’s star!

For one night only, the Parkway will be screening the award-winning film “Dollhouse: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture” followed by a musical performance by the film’s star!!

A puppet animation told a la VH1’s Behind the Music, “Dollhouse: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture” charts the rise and fall of Junie’s career as her life is splashed all over the media and recounted by those who claim to know her - a greedy record producer, a narcissistic mother, an opportunistic friend, ex-boyfriends and the like - until she is inevitably eliminated from her own story.

The debut feature film of writer/director Nicole Brending won the Grand Jury Prize and the Spirit of Slamdance Award at the 2019 Slamdance Film Festival in Park City and recently won Best Movie from the Lucca Film Festival with Rutger Hauer presiding over the jury. "Dollhouse" blatantly ignores political correctness in a bold, no-holds-barred look at the insidious mechanisms governing misogyny in America. With hand-made puppets and original pop songs, “Dollhouse” will have you (guiltily) singing along to Junie’s tragically true tale.

After the film, stay for a special performance by Junie Spoons herself!! Accompanied by acoustic guitarist Jim Morgan of the band Mercury Trigger, reclusive star Junie Spoons has agreed to come out of retirement and perform three of her greatest hits live at the Parkway. Join us for Junie’s story and stay for JUNIE: UNPLUGGED, followed by a performance from vocal superstar and close friend of Junie’s, MARGRET.


Years in the making, MARGRET is the solo project of Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Maggie Morrison. Maggie has fronted bands such as Lookbook and Digitata, as well as participated in projects like Gayngs.  Drawing from various influences, MARGRET is produced by sound engineer Alex Proctor, with drummer Drew Christopherson (Polica), bassist/producer Chris Bierden (Invisible Boy, Polica), and keyboardist/producer Aaron Baum (Har Mar Superstar). Her biggest fans tend to be children and local rap aficionados. She is the singing vocals behind Junie Spoons in the film Dollhouse

“A savage takedown of the Whitney/Britney industrial complex…”

”Dollhouse puts a very unforgiving funhouse mirror on our society and its commodification of women’s bodies. It pulls no punches in it’s lampooning of American culture… I hope that this film gets a big audience on the festival circuit this year.”

”It’s wicked, intelligent, so damn relevant yet mind-blowing…Brending’s film is the only piece you should be concerned about and must not be missed.”

“While I'm used to a long history of transgressive humor from male artists, there are moments in Dollhouse that make Trey Parker and Matt Stone look almost refined. I can't wait to see what Ms. Brending has for the future.”

“Vital and alive. It is a film that anyone who thinks they can suffer the slings and arrows of an in your face assault on how you think should see…One of the most important films at Slamdance and of 2019 as well.”