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In Winter (Twin Cities Premiere) + The Hunter Project Launch

In Winter (Twin Cities Premiere) + The Hunter Project Launch

Written and Directed by Alexander P. Gutterman & Aboubacar M. Camara

Starring Nora E.T. O' Brien and Charles Hubbell.

Sunday, October 21st
6:30 Doors || 7pm Show
$15 Advance || $18 Door

All proceeds support independent film in Minnesota!

Come out, see Minnesota's most celebrated independent art film, and support the team as they introduce their second feature, THE HUNTER, which is currently in early pre-production.

IN WINTER, a poetic meditation on solitude and suffering went to eight festivals internationally and released under a Dreamscape Media acquisition in July 2018.

THE HUNTER will explore issues of art and meaning in the human experience, as filtered through the lens of a play-within-a-film. It is slated to shoot in early 2019. This event will include the screening of exploratory footage from THE HUNTER's proof-of-concept shoot in late 2017.

Join the region's most risk-taking film team in the area's most breathtaking new theater.

In Winter is an independent feature emerging from the classical European tradition but presented in a timeless North American context and idiom, shot in northern Minnesota.

The film joins Annika, a stoic and solitary young woman in difficult circumstances, caring for her aging and declining Grandfather, in the barren human landscape of a small working-class northern town in mid-winter.

Her limited world is unsettled by the arrival of Mark, an older, wealthy stranger from out of town, with whom she becomes entangled in a sexual affair.

Invited to an upscale cocktail party with Mark, Annika encounters Andrew and Kate, jaded upper-class party hosts, and a noisy group of guests. She is put on the spot by Kate, who is herself suffering from a similar oppressive circumstance, though in more opulent surroundings.

Faced with growing discomfort and insight into her reality and situation, Annika sneaks out, only to be drawn into a sordid encounter with a fellow loner at a local bar, from which she narrowly escapes back to the relative safety of Mark's hotel room.

The next morning, as townsfolk gather for a bleak sermon on the Book of Job, prepared by chaste but sensually driven Father Jim, Annika and Mark lose themselves in lovemaking. A church hymn unfolds while the camera covers the faces of townsfolk, worn by daily cares, and the intertwined bodies of the two lovers.

Finally, a panorama of ice, industrial buildings, and the empty sky lead to a poignant but ambiguous conversation between the lovers.

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