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MSPIFF // Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl


Kate Nash started releasing music on her Myspace page after a foot injury left her homebound. What started as a way to pass the time quickly catapulted her into worldwide stardom, becoming one of the industry's rising musicians during the early 2000s. But that sudden fame came to a even more abrupt halt when she changed her musical direction. Her label dropped her, and it wasn't until her casting in instant classic Netflix show GLOW that Nash got back on her feet. Amy Goldstein's cinematic portrait of Nash is bold, brave and fearless, a true testament herself. Charting both Nash's triumphs and her failures, Underestimate The Girl is a decidedly human story–while Nash's career is an industry marvel, the hurdles she faced to get there (as well as get back) make for a must-see portrait of a young woman who rose above adversity to live her dreams.

Filmmaker Amy Goldstein studied at NYU and has worked in film, music and television. Her feature film credits include The Silencer (92), East of A (00), and the documentary The Hooping Life (14).

"[P]resents a fascinating story of how the internet created the multi-talented star and how other various setbacks threatened to end her career. The interesting story has many angles that are incredibly relevant today, particularly around women’s roles in certain musical genres." - Award Circuit

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