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MSPIFF // Hail Satan? // The Hole In The Ground


7:00 PM // Hail Satan?

Penny Lane's Hail Satan? starts with a question: what do we know about The Satanic Temple? In 2015 the religion was catapulted to the spotlight after pleading for the removal of the Ten Commandments from the Oklahoma State Capitol in exchange for an 8-foot tall statue of occult deity Baphomet. Their case was successful, and the group has since grown to over 50,000 practicing members. While Lane's documentary could have easily turned toward farce or a biased attempt to interpret the group's message, she instead highlights various members as they tell the story of the Temple's rise and intentions. Humorous, enlightening and inspirational, Hail Satan? offers an inside look at a group that exists outside of the labels that have been placed upon it and has since morphed into an exercise in rebellion against the confining political and religious systems that limit true freedom.

Penny Lane is an independent filmmaker known for Our Nixon (13) and Nuts! (16). Along with filmmaking, she is also an Assistant Professor of Art and Art History at Colgate University.

"Lane sets out to subvert American history with intelligence and wit. Penny Lane's fantastic doc argues that the Satanic Temple isn't the Antichrist — they're American patriots.. {S}he asks us to question why certain religions are deemed "normal," even though, notes one Temple member, Catholic mass is all about the symbolic drinking of blood." - Variety


Lee Cronin's haunting debut explores the deepest horrors of parental fears in Hole in the Ground. In their rural homestead behind a forest, young mother Sarah O'Neil (Seána Kerslake) looks after her son Chris (James Quinn Markey) as the days quietly pass them by. But one night, her son goes missing, and so begins Sarah's descent into a new kind of terror. Her mind drifts to thoughts of Chris being taken by her abusive ex or falling into the newly appeared sinkhole behind their house. When Chris returns later, what should be a joyous reunion turns into a nightmare–Chris is clearly not the same, his entire demeanour has altered, and he no longer bares a resemblance to the happy, energetic boy Sarah once new. Soon, Sarah begins to suspect her "son" is actually a changeling, a creature of myth that takes the form of a child.

Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin's debut-feature, Hole in the Ground, was met with acclaim at its debut at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

"Sarah and her sort-of boy prove hard to shake off. Don't be surprised if weeks after you see this they grope their way into your dreams." - London Evening Standard


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