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MSPIFF // Stalag Luft III – One Man's Story // Ms. White Light


Stalag Luft III – One Man's Story
is told by WWII U.S. Eighth Air Force Bombardier Lt. Charles Woehrle, one of 10,000 prisoners in the German prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft III, depicted in the iconic film ""The Great Escape."" At age 93, this remarkable man and gifted storyteller takes us from Pine City, Minnesota to war-torn Europe as he relives his experiences with vivid detail that include his B-17 getting shot down, capture by the Nazis, an unexpected parcel from Geneva, and surviving two long years of uncertainty and tremendous hardship as a prisoner of war.

A saga filled with grit and grace, Charles Woehrle of the 'The Mighty Eighth' is one of the countless heroes from the Greatest Generation who has much to teach us about war and about life.

Louise Woehrle
is the founder of Whirlygig Productions, Inc. with over 25 years of experience working in the film, theater and television industries. She is a passionate storyteller and multi-award-winning filmmaker whose mission is to shine a light on stories that need to be told. Stalag Luft III — One Man’s Story is her latest film.


9:45 PM // Ms. White Light

In this heartfelt dramedy from Paul Shoulberg, Lex Cordova (Roberta Colindrez) makes an honest living as a counselor for the terminally ill alongside her father, Gary (John Ortiz). Endowed with a raw talent and affinity for death and the dying, Lex's gift hasn't done much for her personal life–which is a mess. Enter free-spirited Valerie (Judith Light, Transparent), who serves as the lit fuse that ignites Lex's long-overdue transformation out of her rut. Both carrying a decidedly distorted outlook on living and dying, Valerie's growing influence on Lex makes the young woman question her life's direction...or more accurately, lack of one. Carson Meyer and Zachary Spicer co-star in this darkly funny and charming picture as a terminal patient and a psychic medium, respectively.

Ms. White Light is director Paul Shoulberg's second feature-length film. Previously, he wrote and directed The Good Catholic (which premiered to high praise in 2017 and starred Danny Glover and John C. McGinley).

"The story of a young woman who counsels terminally ill patients that have trouble letting go" - SXSW Film Festival


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