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Special Ed // Written and Directed by Frank Anderson

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Friday, June 21, 2019
7:00 pm
$9 Advance // $11 Door

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Indie film to bring awareness to special needs kids, in gripping story of special education bus driver

Written and Directed by Frank Anderson

SPECIAL ED is about Eddie Cooper, a 36 year old ex-actor, Iraq war vet who drives a school bus for special needs kids. He picks up a new kid in a wheelchair, severely disabled from a spine injury and full of anger and rage. Eddie wants to help him, and also perhaps redeem himself from horrors he experienced in the Iraq war, but how? The only thing he has to offer is... Shakespeare!

High-caliber local talent include Peter Christian Hansen, Stacia Rice, Wendy Lehr, Kris Nelson, Mo Perry, Lucy Lawton, Michelle Barber, Eric Ringham and in his first screen appearance: Graydon Royce, recently retired theatre critic with the Minneapolis StarTribune.

Says local director Patrick Coyle (Public Domain, Into Temptation, Detective Fiction): "Frank Anderson has written a very smart indie script, the kind of satisfying, character-driven story that does not require a huge budget to tell well. Plus it’s really good!.... (and) Executive Producer LaRae Thompson is an indie director’s dream, allowing you to truly concentrate on directing the film knowing the thousands of details and ineludible problems that crop up on every production are being handled by a smart, honest, passionate, creative pro.”

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