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SOLD OUT // The Moth StorySLAM // Bamboozled


Wednesday, April 24th
6:30pm Doors Open // 7:30pm Stories Begin

*Tickets only available online, and will not be available at Rock Paper Scissor Goods*

This month’s theme:
BAMBOOZLED: Prepare a five-minute story about your greatest con, your Tom Sawyer moment, or the day gullibility got the best of you. That time when you managed to pull the wool over someone's eyes ... or that moment you became the mark. Hoodwinker or the hornswoggled. Scammer or the snookered. Did you get them all to paint the fence or unwittingly show up with your brushes?

StorySLAM is…

Open-mic storytelling competitions. Open to anyone with a five-minute story to share on the night’s theme. Come tell a story, or just enjoy the show!