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The Jolly Pops with Louis and Dan & the Invisible Band


Sunday, June 23, 2019
3 pm Doors // 4 pm Music

  • General Admission: $10 Advance // $14 At The Door

  • Family Group Ticket (Minimum 3): $25 Advance // $29 At The Door

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A special afternoon of live music for the entire family. Kids music that parents love.

Two of the Twin Cities most fun and best loved family bands come together for a special afternoon of live music for all ages. 


The Jolly Pops

A collection of rock and roll dads who bring the music to the kids. They are happy dads. They are jolly pops.

Children's music and entertainment group, The Jolly Pops, are based in Minneapolis and founded by Billy Hartong, sometimes known as "Mr. Billy Goat." A faculty member specializing in early childhood music education at the MacPhail Center for Music, Hartong founded The Jolly Pops after spending a decade touring with the acoustic rock band, Breaking Laces. 

The Jolly Pops' debut album, "I Didn't Do It!" (2014), was followed by "We Are Happy Dads" (2018). Critics rave about the band's "humorous approach that at some times reminds you of the titans Weird Al and Flight of the Conchords...a sheer bundle of joy for not only the little ones, but the entire family." 

Mr. Billy and his Minneapolis collective of dads will take you on a musical adventure, weaving together songs that delight audiences of all ages. Performing classics-in-the-making like  "Bouncy House" and "Picnic Place," get "Coo Coo Crazy Nutz" and put some "Spinning Rims on the Minivan." They even have a song called "Minecraft Steve" which will make the older brothers and sisters say, "Hey, these guys aren't bad!"

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Louis & Dan and the Invisible Band

Listen and learn as Louis and Dan and the Invisible Band entertain kids and adults alike with the catchy, intelligent songs from their debut, self-titled album! Did you know that the Balutchistan Pygmie Jerboa is the world’s smallest rodent? Or that Cinderella grew up to be the CEO of a major show company? Or that Dan really likes to keep spaghetti in his underwear? Louis and Dan will have you tapping your toes and singing along with their infectious melodies in no time
Louis and Dan live across the street from each other in Northfield, Minnesota. Louis lives on the south side of the street. Dan lives on the north side of the street. Louis teaches at St. Olaf College. Dan teaches at Carleton College. Louis is short. Dan is tall. Louis is young. Dan is old. Louis is handsome. Dan is really handsome. By rights they should be mortal enemies.

But really, they're best friends who write songs about rodents, underwear spaghetti, princesses, and hot dogs. With their invisible band backing them up, Louis and Dan will have children and adults alike dancing, singing, and acting like squirrels.

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